Voice assistant on Linux?

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Sat Feb 26 10:02:08 UTC 2022

Linux for blind general discussion, il 26/02/2022 02.11, ha scritto:
> Mycroft works completely offline in this regard, so that's finally
> something I can trust.
Hi Rastislav,
do you so sure about offline recognition?
Because I was interested to Mycroft project some time ago, and I 
understand that, with some adjustments, it could be used offline (and 
without an account), configuring Vosk, DeepSpeech or other voice 
recognition service in the LAN for Speech to Text (STT) part...


...but usually it uses Google Cloud STT (IBM Watson or wit.ai STT are 
also available), as illustrated in technology overview page:


I'm quite sure also that they filter/anonymize requests before routing 
to 3rd-party STT service, such like DuckDuckGo does with Google and Bing 
search engines, but I don't remember where I read it.

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