Voting: Which game would you like to have on Linux?

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Sun Feb 27 20:54:47 UTC 2022

O, I can't resist. What about some of the older DOS World Series Baseball 
games? In addition-and-since I am not a programmer, but as an Aquarian, 
sometimes a dreamer, I wished I could have created a Boxing game, however, with 
the flare of when Boxing was on Radio. Certainly you would certainly use your 
left-and-right arrows to punch. Also, the late Jim Kitchen suggested, you would 
decide before a round began which type of fight? a for agressive, maybe an r 
for rope a dope. I suppose unless you were to get an announcer with experience 
to record samples for a game such as that, I `really wouldn't think any speech 
synthisizer can adequately do play-by-play or in this case blow-by-blow. I am 
sure I've had this dream since the 90s, not2mention probably no1 under 60 would 
hardly remember Boxing on Radio.

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