Use alexa on linux

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Sun Feb 27 23:26:05 UTC 2022

This, unfortunately, is an old article.

By unfortunately, I take it you mean that the hopes and changes expected 
in the article have not been realized. Sad really, since Alexa really is 
a good app, and it would be nice to be able to run it on the desktop, 
since it does allow muting the mic fairly easily, and it already 
interfaces with my music services and my thermostat. I would like to get 
that going through Home Assistant or similar, but it seems to require a 
masters in computer science just to get it going, and I can't seem to 
get Mycroft working with home automation skills ... I don't think they 
exist yet. I guess it is still a bit too new for that. I get errors when 
trying to interface Mycroft with music services as well. It does pretty 
nice stuff with the weather and timers and alarms though.


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