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Mon Feb 28 16:42:48 UTC 2022

Hello Chime,

when it comes to boxing, Windows has The savage gamut:

I'm not sure whether it would fit your radio memories, but as a boxing
game, it was very funny and challenging to play.

It has an awesome keyboard layout of attacks and defenses, so instead of
just blindly pressing a key or two, I can literally imagine a fight
taking place, since the layout resembles a human body.
In the Redemption version, the fight was getting really intense and in
fact, I didn't even finish it, since as little as two mistakes in the
higher levels could mean a loss.
I got into level 6 if I remember correctly.

Making a Linux version wouldn't necessarily need to be difficult,
perhaps getting similar rates of say damage would need some playing
around, even though Cheat engine could in theory shed some light on the
game's internal mechanics.

The problematic part would be the audio. While I have no problems with
coding, sound is really not my strong side, so achieving a comparable
gaming experience would be difficult for me.

Unless I would just take their sounds and use them directly, though I
have a feeling they wouldn't be happy about that. :D
Just kidding, of course.

Best regards


Dňa 27. 2. 2022 o 21:54 Linux for blind general discussion napísal(a):
> O, I can't resist. What about some of the older DOS World Series Baseball
> games? In addition-and-since I am not a programmer, but as an Aquarian,
> sometimes a dreamer, I wished I could have created a Boxing game, however, with
> the flare of when Boxing was on Radio. Certainly you would certainly use your
> left-and-right arrows to punch. Also, the late Jim Kitchen suggested, you would
> decide before a round began which type of fight? a for agressive, maybe an r
> for rope a dope. I suppose unless you were to get an announcer with experience
> to record samples for a game such as that, I `really wouldn't think any speech
> synthisizer can adequately do play-by-play or in this case blow-by-blow. I am
> sure I've had this dream since the 90s, not2mention probably no1 under 60 would
> hardly remember Boxing on Radio.
> Chime
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