Snap, Flatpak and/or AppImages?

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Mon Feb 28 21:13:24 UTC 2022

Of course another sort of distribution format that needs more attention 
is applications that are written in Go. These are statically linked 
binaries by default, and once written, they just run on any machine of 
the same architecture where they were built. I once installed doctl, the 
DigitalOcean control application, onto a 64-bit ARM-based Odroid N2 
computer running ArchLinuxARM and then just copied the doctl binary and 
my configuration to my ARM-based router running OpenWRT, and everything 
worked as expected. Interestingly, the FreePascal compiler fpc gave me 
the same result, but the program I wrote that worked was much smaller 
and less complex. But having said all this, static linking is one fairly 
good way to distribute portable applications without too much packaging 


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