Recovering shift deleted data

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Sat Jan 1 19:34:33 UTC 2022

My suspicion, which Google seems to confirm, is that, in graphical
file managers, shift+delete bypasses the recycle bin/trash
can/whatever the desktop environment in use calls it, making it
equivalent to the rm command issued from the command line.

Anyways, testdisc can scan the free space of a variety of filesystem
types for deleted files, though you'll want it to output to a
different device than the one you're scanning... also, it doesn't
recover original filenames(so you'll have to manually review the
contents of every recovered file), and if memory serves, the only real
options are scanning for all files and scanning specifically for image
files. Doesn't do ext4, though someone else mentioned a undelete
utility specifically for that filesystem type, and it does support,
among others, various flavors of fat, ext2/3, HFS, RAID, LVM, NTFS,
ReiserFS, and ones I don't think I've ever heard of.

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