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Mon Jan 17 03:13:58 UTC 2022

Tim here.  It might depend on your definitions of "accessible" (do
you prefer command-line, TUI, GUI, or web interface?) and "music
library" (just local MP3/OGG/WAV files, or interfacing with some web
catalog like iTunes/Spotify/Amazon, etc).

For local collections, the "mpd" ("music player daemon") offers a
number of front-ends including CLI, TUI, GUI, and web:


I don't know how well it interacts with 3rd-party services and

However, I found it a bit more complex to set up.  I've done it a
couple of times to test things for other folks, but my daily-driver
for playing my music collection is "cmus", a curses-based TUI that
handles my local library of music without issue.  It hits a sweet
spot of easy setup, powerful features, light resource usage (works
fine on an older RPi), and keyboard accessibility, and it offers a
CLI remote-control interface so I can map keys in my window-manager
to send commands to control it.  I know the MPD command-line client
can do the same thing for controlling, but the setup was a bit more

Fortunately, mpd, mpc, and cmus should all readily be available in
package repos on Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, so you can try them all
and see which work for you.


On January 16, 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>    Hi,
> Is there   a accessible music library app like iTunes?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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