looking for accessible music library app

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Mon Jan 17 03:44:48 UTC 2022

+1 for just using good file management instead of a Music library data
base... though for me, my organization tends towards:

Music directory on root of data drive
-Top level directories of American, Asian, European, and Soundtracks,
the first three for grouping musical acts by continent of origin,
Soundtracks being its own thing because some media franchises have
different soundtracks in different parts of the world.

Under the continental directories, I have a directory per act, under
each act I have adirectory per album, and under each album, I have a
file per track named with track number and track title. Under
Soundtracks, it's a bit more variable, but usually there's a directory
per media franchise or a directory per publisher.

And where possible, everything is FLAC ripped from Cd.

For playback, I'm currently using gst123 as it offers similar
compatibility to mpv best I can tell, but has slightly fewer
dependencies and lets me crank up the media volume without having to
increase system volume, letting me seamlessly go between media and my
screen readers without either the media being barely audible or the
screen readers yelling.

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