looking for accessible music library app

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Mon Jan 17 03:58:26 UTC 2022

I'm currently using Clementine here. This has library database 
functionality, although like I said, I don't know how that works. It 
does create playlists in a pretty straight-forward way. As for 
organizing my music, I still find the local filesystem to be the best 
method of organization, as it doesn't rely on tags, which can be 
incorrect at times, especially if I get something from a CD that had a 
misspelling in an artist name or similar in CDDB that I didn't catch 
right away. Also, depending on where you get your music, sometimes tags 
can be missing entirely, in which case, your library database usually 
won't even see it, or it will organize it according to unknown artist 
unknown album unknown song, even if the filename is correct. So I 
usually just stick to folder organization, and I can still create 
playlists with exactly the songs I want. Clementine even saves playlists 
in xspf (XML shareable playlist format), which can be played in other 
players fairly easily, and has the added benefit of being able to store 
more details about each song than most other playlist formats, making 
each song provide the same amount of detail in any player that plays it 
via your playlist. This detail can even be used in some players to 
create tags in the song file itself, so that if you do rely on a library 
database rather than just folders and filenames, fixing it once in the 
playlist will sometimes fix it in the library database by fixing the 
file's tags.


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