cell phone industry practices

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Thu Jan 20 13:16:23 UTC 2022

Unfortunately, I don't think these phones can use Orca at this time, 
since last I knew, the at-spi libraries Orca needs don't support touch 
interfaces. It is likely that if you could pair a bluetooth keyboard to 
it, Orca may work as expected and you could navigate around the phone 
using Orca's laptop keyboard layout, but just using it independently 
without a secondary input device may not be possible at this time. And 
then there's the problem of actually getting the keyboard paired to the 
phone without eyeballs, which would be a challenge on its own. It would 
really be nice to be wrong about this, but I just haven't seen any 
developments that would make it possible to interact with a touch screen 
using at-spi.


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