Favorite out-of-the-box accessible Linux laptops?

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Sun Jan 23 18:41:31 UTC 2022

While I too am in the "I'd rather install it myself than work with
someone else's idea of how a Linux system should be setup" camp, all
else equal, I'd rather buy a computer where I'll be nuking a
pre-installed Linux to one where I'll be nuking a pre-installed

That said, the last time I bought a laptop was like six or seven years
ago, and I just bought one off the shelf from my local OfficeMax.
Never tried using Wi-Fi on it, needed to use an external optical
drive, and lost at least one SD card to it having the kind of slot
where the card sticks out a bit. Also couldn't get the monitor to stay
off and the keyboard had this annoying setup where the navigation keys
were comprised of six half-sized buttons that fit into a 3*1 block in
the lower corner of the keyboard, which is practically unusable with
my big, sausage-link fingers... I much prefer the way the netbook I
had before this laptop and my current keyboard's way of doing things,
with a shortened spacebar, half-width right shift, full-sized arrow
keysnestled between right shift and right ctrl/alt, and Fn turning the
arrows into home, end, page up, and page down.

Though, I'd probably just invest in a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and a newer
battery pack if I had need of a new, portable computing setup. as I
replaced the laptop from Office Max with a Pi 3 non-plus. Much
lighter(no deadweight screen) and less bulky(a Pi, battery pack, AC
adaptor, cell phone, portable media player, and several odds and ends
fit in a fanny packwith room to spare) and I just use the same
keyboard with both the Pi and my desktop... granted, I don't see
myself ever giving up having a Desktop for my main computing machine
and I'd sooner use a laptop as a stationary workstation.

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