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Fri Jan 28 05:04:32 UTC 2022

I've never had issue with the default speech rate in Orca and for some
reason, Orca+Spacebar refuses to bring up Orca's settings on my
system, so I can't check, but two things that come to mind:

1. are you sure 100% is the maximum for whatever setting you changed
in Orca's settings? Because, in the context of speech rate, it would
be logical for 100% to be the default, not the maximum and that you
should be able to crank it up to more than 100% of the default rate.

2. Did you restart Orca, your xsession, or your computer after
changing the config files? Programs often only read relevant config
files when launched, so editing config files directly instead of using
the program's internal settings screen often only takes effect after
restarting the program in question, though it can sometimes take a
reboot to get the altered config up and running. If I'm not mistaken,
bringing up a run dialog(alt+F2 on most graphical setups) and

orca --replace

will restart Orca, though I'm not sure if restarting Orca will be
enough for an altered espeak-ng configuration to take effect.

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