How do I customize punctuation pronunciation in Orca?

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Sat Jan 29 23:33:13 UTC 2022

When I read code, I have started shortening the punctuation names.
I've noticed that all letters except one have just a single syllable,
while punctuations like '!' (exclamation mark) take five full
syllables. I can't understand stuff in the middle of all the spoken
parentheses, brackets and so on, unless I shorten them to something
reasonable. How do I create my own punctuation table in Orca. I notice
also that Orca keeps saying "capital" before every upper case letter
that I type. This is useless and annoying. I have caps set to icon,
and there is also the usual rise in pitch to tell me that what I have
entered is uppercase. I don't need the verbal clutter.

I know that emacspeak does all of this, but emacs+emacspeak takes a
long time to set up, and the Orca folks really shouldn't be using
Emacspeak as an excuse for an underperforming screen reader.

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