Looking for good radio software

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Sun Jan 30 17:15:33 UTC 2022

Oh OK. Since I haven't used any of the software you mentioned at the 
start of the thread, and you did mention you wanted to listen to music, 
I naturally went to the Pithos client because it's what I use most for 
that purpose. If you're paying for Spotify already, do continue using 
its client. As for listening to radio stations, I am most familiar with 
the Tunein app that I use on Android devices, especially since the 
premium subscription comes with the Scribd subscription I already have 
for listening to audiobooks. If you're OK with listening in a browser 
tab, the website works pretty well here, and it even gives you a list of 
your local radio stations, or allows you to select stations from around 
the world.


I was able to listen to a local station here without an account. If 
something more like playing through mpv is your thing though, I couldn't 
get that to work. I did find RadioTray and StreamTuner available and at 
least somewhat working. StreamTuner has a Tunein plugin available, but I 
couldn't get it working. Other radio station database websites seem to 
work better, but I do get some odd errors from some of them. But 
hopefully one of these will work for you.


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