nvda2speechd, let Windows programs talk through Speech dispatcher

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Tue Jun 7 13:02:46 UTC 2022

As said on the Github page. I'm running this under Arch and get no
output at all.

what I do

1. Download Windows exe and extract it

2. Grab the server/client and rename/replace nvdaControllerxx.dll
where xx is 32 or 64

3. start the server with ./nvda2speechd in its folder

4. wine windowsexe.exe

I get a connection has been established on the tab with the
nvda2speechd running, and no speech from the program at all however,
and a boatload of WINE Sapi errors, it seems* to me like it's looking
for the SAPI stuff

Am I missing someething super super obvious here or?

On 05/06/2022, Linux for blind general discussion
<blinux-list at redhat.com> wrote:
> I avoid GUI apps in general and I think the last time I used Wine
> might have been years before I went blind, but this still sounds like
> a significant step forward for the accessibility of non-native
> software, and surprisingly elegant to boot.
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