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Thu Jun 9 20:03:37 UTC 2022

I've done some research, and according to the standards set when MS 
reliesed Windows 8 and Secure boot became a thing, the EFI Bios have to 
have a way to disable Secure boot.

I know that both Ubuntu and Fedora can function in a secure boot 
environment. It is possible to make other Distros do the same, though 
it's apparently a royal pain to do.

There are four major reasons for me wanting to use Fedora in place of 

  * Firstly, Ubuntu's over reliance on snapd, something I really, really
    don't appreciate.
  * Secondly, the fact that Fedora has a vanilla implementation of
    Gnome, where as on the other hand Gnome in Ubuntu is referred to as
    FrankenGnome by quite a few.
  * Reason 3 is the fact that Ubuntu removed speakup from their kernel,
    obviously something that should be anathema to a blind console user.
  * Reason 4 is probably petty of me, but I just don't really like
    'apt-get'. 'dnf' is just easier to use, and less work overall.

Ok, maybe I could just stick to Ubuntu, and I'll probably do so for the foreseeable future. Me being lazy is a factor.
Warm regards,

Brandt Steenkamp

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On 2022/06/09 16:19, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> hi, i realise this is veering off the question originally asked but,
> yes canonical aka ubuntu got a kernel signed by ms so it uses the keys already in the nvram.
>   a standard linux distro doesnt last i heard and u cannot boot with secure boot.
> unless u add the keys for it yourself.
> archlinux definitely wont.
> in other wors for most linux distros u got to switch secure boot off instal the os, then u can enable secure boot if u want to.
> this isnt always possible eg. i think acer dont allow it.
> even if u can access the bios that is!
> things do change fast so my information might be out of date in which case apologies,
> but i'd check first before parting with dough...
> do u mind if i ask y u want to use fedora?
> ubuntu use strong stack protection, so adding extra modules eg speakup can be a bit of pita, on sbc and so on.
> but apart from the package managers
> yum/dnf vs apt-get and et al, they're both much the same thing.
> good luck with it any which road.
> regards
> neil foster
>> Hi,
>> I am currently running a dual boot setup with Ubuntu and Windows 11
>> both booting fine from secure boot.
>> I was thinking about replacing Ubuntu with Fedora, but if it ain't
>> broke, don't fix it.
>> Warm regards,
>> Brandt Steenkamp
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>> On 2022/06/09 01:23, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>> apologies if this isnt relevant, but similar idea though different supplier.
>>> got a ryzen 3400g based desktop from ccl over here in the uk.
>>> installed archlinux on it.
>>> as long as its not secure boot, linux distros will nowadays instal on most x86-64 based systems.
>>> only glitch i had was soundcard was card1 since hdmi was card0, was a bit ugg.
>>> had to ssh in and sort it.
>>> get cheap hdmi monitor and then u can ocr it if it hangs and thers no sign of life.
>>> same as  u can ocr a screen capture on a vm.
>>> anybody who sells pc without os should be ok, just if its secure boot it can be difficult/impossible.
>>> ta
>>> neil foster
>>>> I purchased a computer from System76 and then installed Slint on my own. They were very fast and kept me updated every step of the process.
>>>> Ashley Breger
>>>>> On May 31, 2022, at 1:05 PM, Linux for blind general discussion<blinux-list at>  wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> For future considderation, which is the better buying experience,,,, or any other specialist Linux computer building company?
>>>>> I have never actually purchased a Linux first device, it's always something running Winbloat, unfortunately needed for making my living, but that's what VM's is for.
>>>>> If anyone has bought a machine from any of the Linux specialist companies, please let us know about your buying experience. I, for one am curious.
>>>>> -- 
>>>>> Warm regards,
>>>>> Brandt Steenkamp
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