Buying from System76 or Slimbook?

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Fri Jun 10 15:29:23 UTC 2022

Considering that Secure Boot appears to be an anti-Linux measure
Microsoft sold to the ignorant masses as a security feature, I think
the better question is whether any Linux-friendly vendors ship systems
that have it disabled by default and with a boot order configuration
that's ready for installing whichever flavor of Linux you prefer?

I don't have new Desktop money, but if I did, the ideal would be if I
could unbox the new tower, plug in my keyboard, earphones, and
ethernet, pop an installation CD/DVD in the optical drive and be ready
to install my preferred distro on first boot instead of having to get
hold of a monitor I don't need and put up with the frustration of
walking someone less tech savvy through disabling secure boot and
fixing the boot order or tracking down a sighted person who actually
knows enough to be a proper assistant.

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