Thoughts on KDE Plasma as of right now

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Thu Jun 23 10:17:57 UTC 2022

So given the news about KDE accessibility getting worked on, I figured 
I'd give KDE a shot. I wasn't that impressed last time.

However. It's improved a lot, I can do basic things, which is a big step 
up, and I get talking app launchers, and can do email, web browsing and 
text editing which is a big, big plus.

That being said, I still cannot change system settings or default apps 
like I can on, say, Mate but, and here's the thing I like about KDE 
Plasma as of writing this...

It is fast, it, on my Arch box, so YMMV on other OSes, but I'm running 
this on my Arch box, the thing I like about it is the keyboard commands 
make sense.

Now, if I can just work on adding a shortcut that doesn't require me to 
go and fight with a window that won't read, that'd be good. Plasma is 
pleasently surprising and worth checking in on.

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