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Thu Jun 23 15:04:38 UTC 2022

Howdy Devin,

thanks for supporting us! sorry being inactive for a long time. it was 
for job reasons. I was very busy in an huge ERP project (5 years 
development, ~3 Million dollar budgets, a army of developers just to 
name some numbers in size :D) - and this pays my bills, so i have to 
settle priority's.  But the project almost completed and i have more and 
more spare time to work on accessibility again (as you might already 
noted :), just say OCRdesktop 4.0, dragonFM 1.0 , continue efforts for 
plugin driven orca and the latest KDE accessibility work.
I do my best to keep on :). And improve the situation. support always 
motivates. this is a sign that somebody like my work.

cheers chrys

Am 23.06.22 um 12:53 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
> Yeah, I've not tried it in like half a year, but this has prompted me to
> begin as a Patron to linux-accessibility again. Just $19 per month, but I
> hope it helps enthusiasm and to keep up this really great work!
> Devin Prater
> r.d.t.prater at
> On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 5:18 AM Linux for blind general discussion <
> blinux-list at> wrote:
>> So given the news about KDE accessibility getting worked on, I figured
>> I'd give KDE a shot. I wasn't that impressed last time.
>> However. It's improved a lot, I can do basic things, which is a big step
>> up, and I get talking app launchers, and can do email, web browsing and
>> text editing which is a big, big plus.
>> That being said, I still cannot change system settings or default apps
>> like I can on, say, Mate but, and here's the thing I like about KDE
>> Plasma as of writing this...
>> It is fast, it, on my Arch box, so YMMV on other OSes, but I'm running
>> this on my Arch box, the thing I like about it is the keyboard commands
>> make sense.
>> Now, if I can just work on adding a shortcut that doesn't require me to
>> go and fight with a window that won't read, that'd be good. Plasma is
>> pleasently surprising and worth checking in on.
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