Any progress on .pdf viewing?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Wed Mar 2 15:19:43 UTC 2022

As far as I know, there are no terminal pdf viewers, and last I tried,
Firefox's built-in viewer was slow as cold molasses.

I'd second the suggestion to just convert to plain text with pdftotext
even if my experience is that there's usually fancy formatting that
doesn't translate to plain text well and there often being tons of
cruft that would be useful in a physical book but just destroys
reading flow in a text file.

There's also pdftohtml, also from poppler-utils, and pdfimages, which
might be useful as a first step to extracting content from scanned
book PDFs.

Though, I'm curious what the -raw flag does in pdftotext since my
experience is based mainly on its default behavior.

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