Google is nuking simple username/password sign ins?

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Fri Mar 4 13:22:23 UTC 2022

They sent me a message like that a few months ago and terminated my 
username/password access near the end of last year. Although Thunderbird 
has no trouble signing in now, FairEmail on my phone stopped working 
with my Gmail and gave me periodic errors because I'm using their 
F-Droid version instead of the version in the Google Play Store. I 
haven't had any problem with my Google Drive access from rclone, since 
I'm just using the key that they tell me is slower, but works. Note that 
rclone already works with Google Drive, and there are two methods of 
access. You can either set it up through the developer console and use 
your own key, or you can use theirs, but it's said to be slower. Both of 
these options still should work. I can't speak to the terminal-based 
email, since I haven't used it in many years, but rclone is a definite 
yes. I've been using it now for Google Drive, Dropbox and NextCloud for 
a good bit and have no trouble with any of them.


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