Google is nuking simple username/password sign ins?

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Fri Mar 4 18:43:29 UTC 2022

not sure but I'd be interested too. Double so if I can point my Mutt at 
it and get it without a lot of hassle. I tried with the mutt Oauth2.0 
script and it broke, majorly...

So yes, I'm right with you on the hunt for a new email provider. Time to 
forward all my email to this new provider

On 3/4/22 18:38, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Well, that's just vague enough to be worthless.
> While on the subject, anyone know of any Gmail alternative with a web
> interface comparable to Gmail's basic HTML view? If it adds in such
> missing features such as forcing replay to list as default when
> replying to messages from mailing lists, manually merging
> conversations, and having folders/labels for contacts, that would be
> nice to.
> Fortunately, I don't use many of Google's services(Gmail, search,
> YouTube) and Gmail is the only one that really requires logging in
> often enough to maintain a persistent cookie on my personal machine.
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