Google is nuking simple username/password sign ins?

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Fri Mar 4 18:54:31 UTC 2022

So yes, I'm right with you on the hunt for a new email provider. Time to 
forward all my email to this new provider

Just a comment that I made the personal decision not to forward 
anything, but just to change the email address I give people and change 
it on the newsletters and email lists I care about. Everything else, if 
I do lose access to it, is probably stuff I didn't really care enough to 
change or no longer sends me mail, so I decided that in that event I 
just wouldn't worry about it too much. That was a personal decision I 
made though, so if you're more comfortable forwarding everything, giving 
yourself hopefully enough time to make a more complete transition, by 
all means do that. This just gives me the opportunity to see what is 
still coming to gmail so I have the chance to decide on a case-by-case 
basis whether I want to change the address where they send me email or 
just let Google drop it into the ether after I delete my account.


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