Snap, Flatpak and/or AppImages?

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Sat Mar 5 18:15:34 UTC 2022

I decided that I will stick to Slint as my daily driver, with distros that I want to test on another drive.

If I need to install using a flatpak ore AppImmage, I will, but the SlackBuilds is usually good enough for what I need to do.

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> On 05 Mar 2022, at 20:06, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> Well, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is nearly two years old at this point... and
> honestly, installing a bunch of packages that duplicate dependencies,
> don't integrate properly with the rest of the system, and might break
> accessibility due to that lack of integration sounds inferior to just
> running a newer version of a given distro... Back when I used Ubuntu,
> I typically ran the current development version, only switching to the
> current release if the development version broke something and only
> touching the most recent LTs if it was the most recent release
> period... Right now, most of my installed packages are sourced from
> debian unstable with just a handful of packages from Debian Stable(due
> to breakage in the testing/unstable versions I can't determine the
> cause of), Debian Experimental(mainly Orca and other accessibility
> stack packages) and a few locally installed, and flatpack, snapd, and
> appImages all sound unappealing.
> Granted, I also try to keep my installed system as small as possible
> to keep the time it takes to create or restore a backup of my system
> drive short, so all of these alternative package formats duplicating
> all of a package's dependencies instead of using the installed copies
> is a real deal breaker if there's any alternative... Thankfully, it's
> been a real long time since I've seriously wanted to install something
> not available from the debian repositories.
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