Starting lightdm in text mode

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Tue Mar 8 13:00:37 UTC 2022

No idea...

But related question, I do wonder if there's any text mode only display 
managers. yes I know you can startx aftr login, but I do like how 
display managers give you the F1-F6 TTY, something I can't, AFAIK and 
correct me if I'm wrong, get with startx?

I'm not sure if downgrading lightdm would solv ethe issue? If you're on 
Arch grab the downgrade package from the AUR. It may be available in 
other distros, I honestly dunno if it is or not, and I orget how oyu 
downgrade packages in Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora and no clue on Slackware stuff

On 3/8/22 11:31, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello,
> I use Debian in command mode. Until about a year ago, when I booted  up, lightdm would start in text mode and ask for user and password. It would then start Mate with Orca. I could use the GUI by pressing Alt+F7. Then it suddenly started setting the screen to not-text mode.
> To be able to use the machine in my  primary uses I had to disable lightdm. This meant that I couldn't use Mate. I just switched to Windows for a GUI. How can I configure lightdm to not put the screen in grap;hics mode and to again ask for username and password in text mode where brltty can handle them. Then start the GUI in tty7.
> Thanks,
> John

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