Looking for a lightweight browser....agai

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Thu Mar 10 12:43:21 UTC 2022

I know I asked this before...but I'll ask again in case things have changed

I'm looking for a browser that both works with Orca, and doesn't take up gigs of memory. looking at you, FF 98...

So what are my options asie from terminal browsers that like to fall over an put random escape and ASCII codes in my vim documents?

I've got Seamonkey and Brave on right now to test and Brave seems more of a memory hog than Seamonkey. I know. I've got 32 gigs of RAM but I still don't want a browser to eat up a few gigs of it.

So any ideas? I can't really use something like w3m or elinks sadly...mostly because it doesn't do what I need it to

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