Starting lightdm in text mode

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Thu Mar 10 13:02:25 UTC 2022

In all fairness, console switching seems to vary a bit from
distro-to-distro, from number of consoles available, to which one is
used for the xserver when booting direct to the desktop, and whether a
manually started xserver runs on the console that invoked it or a
different one... There's probably a way to configure this, but I've
never heard anyone talking about it.

My understanding is the most common setups include:

12 consoles, autostarted xserver runs on tty1, manually started
xserver runs on thee console that invoked startx.

User has access to tty1-tty6, autostarted xserver runs on tty7,
manually started xserver runson ttyn+6 where ttyn is the invoking
console... I understand the main advantage of this setup is that if
the xserver becomes unresponsie, you can easily kill it by switching
back to the invoking console and ctrl+C the startx command.

My own system is closer to the former... though I have no idea which
console it would use if it booted straight into the desktop and I only
have 10 consoles... I've also heard of people whose systems have 24
consoles, and for switching, left and right alt are considered
distinct keys.

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