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Wed Mar 16 00:00:02 UTC 2022


I'm trying to find out how to use Liblouis to translate documents from 
print to Braille.  Specifically, my wife would like me to find out how 
to translate Russian documents into Braille ones.  At the moment, 
though, I haven't yet learned a command to run for translating 
anything:  the Liblouis documentation looks to have a lot of useful 
material, but I could find nothing about running a command, with 
whatever arguments and options I might need, to create a Braille output 
file from a print input file.

I read about a command called file2brl, apparently part of a program 
called Liblouisutdml, but that program's not on my system even though 
Liblouis itself is.

So far searching the net has provided no wisdom for what I think I need 
at this beginning point.  I'd be grateful if somebody can point me to 
good information that I have missed so far.

I stress that, although my goal is to help my wife get some Russian 
Braille so that she can perhaps return to the study of something that 
was her passion in academia, I need right now to start with the very 
basics of even creating English Braille files from documents I have.

I hope I've asked my questions in the right way.

Thanks for any information.



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