How to use fluidsynth?

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I might be wrong, but I don't think you can.

The noteon and noteoff commands are more for testing and demonstration, the
way to use fluidsynth is as a Midi device. You use a sequencer or hardware
midi controller to drive Fluidsynth.

If you wish to write your own midi files, I suggest you look into something
like midge or abc2midi. These programs allow you to write notes in text,
the latter using the ABC notation.
If you are not particularly attached to midi, you can also use sound
compilers like Csound, SuperCollider, or ChucK to accomplish the same thing
with far greater control.

Finally if you have a hardware midi controller, you can drive Fluidsynth
directly, but it's far more convenient to use a sequencer like Midish.

I should mention that I'm not very well versed in serious sound production,
although I've tinkered a bit. However, I know that there are others on this
list who do this sort of thing for a living, and they might give you a more
comprehensive and/or accurate answer.



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> If I want to play two notes seperately such 60 an 62, how to input
> commands?
> I input
> noteon 0 60 127
> noteoff 0 60
> noteon 0 62 127
> it plays two notes Simultaneously.
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