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Thanks, Jeff.  I'm using Slint.  I didn't see either of the programs you 
mention.  Maybe there's something else.



On 3/16/22 03:30, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Mar 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> I'm trying to find out how to use Liblouis to translate documents 
>> from print to Braille.  Specifically, my wife would like me to find 
>> out how to translate Russian documents into Braille ones.  At the 
>> moment, though, I haven't yet learned a command to run for 
>> translating anything:  the Liblouis documentation looks to have a lot 
>> of useful material, but I could find nothing about running a command, 
>> with whatever arguments and options I might need, to create a Braille 
>> output file from a print input file.
> In Debian, I see liblouis-bin and liblouisxml-bin packages which can 
> probably help you.  Other distributions probably have something similar.
>> I read about a command called file2brl, apparently part of a program 
>> called Liblouisutdml, but that program's not on my system even though 
>> Liblouis itself is.
> Apparently, UTDML is unified tactile document markup language, whcih 
> is presumably used for maps, diagrams, etc.  This is probably not what 
> you need.
> HTH,
> Geoff.
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