MP3 Tag editor?

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Thu Mar 17 22:39:25 UTC 2022

It's been a long time since I've messed with mp3, but searching for
"tag" under sound in Aptitude, lltag sounds familiar and is
command-line driven.

There's also easytag if you want a graphical editor, but I can't speak
for how well it works with Orca.

On a somewhat related note, anyone know of a utility that can take a
flac file, perform a CDDB lookup on it, and retag/rename the file if
there's a hit? Mainly want to do this for Rips of CDs that failed the
lookup when I ripped them... would be useful if it consults databases
other than the ones abcde consults(even if an album hasn't been added
to one database, it might be in a adifferent  database). If it can
search a directory tree for flac files with placeholder type tags and
filenames, that would be a nice bonus, though I can always use

find . -iname "*track*"

to track down the untagged files since they're generally named Track
XX.flac where XX is the track number.

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