MP3 Tag editor?

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Fri Mar 18 01:55:08 UTC 2022

You can try something like to find track information for 
disks that you couldn't find in cddb, although you will need a starting 
place, like the CD title, the artist, or maybe a song title you know 
that you can pop into the search box. You can then fill in the 
information and submit it to cddb, I think freedb actually, assuming you 
still have the CD. I'm not sure though what will submit to freedb, and 
getting this information may or may not be useful for automatic tagging, 
meaning that you may need to fill in your tags manually as well. Keep in 
mind also that discogs has lots of disks you cannot find in freedb, but 
I have found at least one CD on freedb that discogs knows nothing about, 
so depending on what you have, your mileage can certainly vary.


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