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Fri Mar 18 19:12:27 UTC 2022

I'll try it out, but slightly OT that I can't ever seem to get new 
results on DDG. If this turns out as good as DDG I could definitely use it

Alexandria.org won't give anywhere near the results of DDG just yet, 
since it's really quite new and is still in early development. But I 
have found that searx-powered sites give better results than DDG, but 
without the Microsoft-powered ads. It seems since Microsoft all but took 
over DDG's operations, placing ads and running the DDG servers on MSN 
IP's, DDG went down hill fast, offering less results and more irrelevant 
results that don't even seem to match the query. My recommendation for 
now is to try alexandria.org first, since its results are fairly limited 
and small in number for now, and then find a site near you on


that runs one of the latest versions of the searx or searx-ng software. 
The most daring among us may enjoy presearch.org also because it's much 
like DDG, but is not powered by Microsoft in any way other than using 
their API to get Bing results, just as it uses Google to get Google 
results. Like DDG and Searx, Presearch just searches existing search 
engines for now, although they are said to be looking at becoming a real 
search engine at some point. Still, unless you want to brave the ad 
placement that's done via the presearch keyword staking platform, 
Searx-ng and alexandria.org would appear to be the best recommendations 
at this time.


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