Generating tactile drawings.

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Thu Mar 31 00:37:47 UTC 2022

Okay, so I'm interested in obtaining a piece of hardware capable of
taking a vector or maybe even raster image and producing a tactile
hard copy of some sort. I'm not picky on method(cutting stencils,
making cutouts, engraving, printing with "ink" that will bead on the
surface, a Braille Embosser that can do arbitrary dot patterns or has
a free moving stylus and can draw lines, all would be nice) or
material, and honestly, the more options I had in my toolkit, the
better, but I'm starting from zero and have no strong preference about
where to start.

Where I am a bit picky is in regards to connectivity, operation, cost,
and size...

I need something I can plug into a USB 2.0 port and control from the
Linux command line... I'm also rather limited on disposable income and
workspace, so something in the $100-200 or even sub-100 price range
and which I can hook up when I want to "print" something and then stow
away ina laptop bag hanging on the wall when not in use would be nice,
especially if it can get its power entirely from USB.

So, anyone know of anything that might be a good option?

Also, anyone know of any good vector drawing programs that work from
the command line? Even just a command-line graphing calculator that
can export graphs to SVG would be great... but something that lets me
write scripts that read like instructions for a compass and straight
edge construction or allows for things along the lines of

define points a = r=1, theta=2pi/3; b = r = 1, theta = 4pi/3; c = r =
1, theta = 0
trace all points for which the product of the ditances from a, b, and
c equal some constant
trace all points that are equidistant from any two of a, b, and c.
trace all points whoses ditances to a, b, and c satisfie a^2 + b^2 = c^2.

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