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The only browser that ever did that was edbrowse and it implemented a
subset of javascript since much of javascript has no possible application
to text environments.  The disadvantage of edbrowse is that it's a
combination of an editor and a browser and it is necessary to keep things
straight in the mind when using edbrowse to know if you're editing or
browsing.  The program loads a web page and places the user at the web
page end when an url is opened and shows none of the url's text until the
user keys in commands.
So yes, it's possible but you won't like it.  There's another project
called browssh with no interest in accessibility and is actually worse
than edbrowse.  The elinks browser if compiled with javascript can do some
things how useful those will be for screen reader users is another matter.

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> Do you thing that it should be possible? I think it is but they don't do it.
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