Javascript for text mode (fwd)

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Thu Nov 3 14:41:47 UTC 2022

Jude said:
Don't be surprised if python ends up running web assembly in time.

You can run any program written in any language as a Web Assembly.
I think you want python to get rid the JS from the browser completely.
I really doubt it because JS is so natural language in browsers like shell
in Linux. Especially that the JS has a superset called TypeScript invent
in Linux. Especially that the JavaScript has a superset invented by Microsoft
called TypeScript and this is widely used in modern web applications.
This superset is a language quite similar to C# and compiles to pure JS.
It increases code readability very much but I think that it is better to know
the core thought the JavaScript itself.
But... If it happen I will congratulate the Pythong programmers because
popular languages produce very much junk code. This is a good purpose to
decrease JavaScript popularity.


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