command line canadian English spell checkers?

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Thu Nov 24 03:32:32 UTC 2022

Tim here.  According to my Debian box packages, the aspell package
should include a Canadian word-list.  You can either specify it
with a one-off

  $ aspell -d en_CA ...

or you can put it in your config:

  $ echo lang en_CA >> ~/.aspell.conf

to make it the default.  You can then check files like

  $ aspell check mydocument.txt

If the TUI interface is a bit too cluttered for your taste, lying
about your terminal-type can help:

  $ TERM=dumb aspell check mydocument.txt

There are a LOT of options to aspell, so you can lose hours reading
up on it and experimenting, but that should give you the basics.


On 2022-11-23 22:00, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi,
> rather simple.
> My dream here would actually be a DOS port of an entire Canadian  word
> processor, but I will take something that might be usable from the command
> line only.
> any ideas?
> Karen
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