How to hear sounds from line-in jack? (fwd)

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> Subject: How to hear sounds from line-in jack?
> Sounds from line-in can be recored, but how to hear them in time?
> Which console command can be used for this purpose?


Not all sound cards are capable of simultaneous
input and output (duplex operation.)

Also, most distributions have pulseaudio installed
as a layer of over ALSA. 

One solution using ALSA (with PA disabled) would be
using ecasound.

ecasound -i alsa,default -o alsa,default

You could also try alsahw,0 instead of
alsa,default, or alsahw,1, etc. depending
on the number of your sound card. You
can also use the name.

For details use `cat /proc/asound/cards`.

Have fun,


Joel Roth

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