Accessible front ends for Pleroma?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Sat Nov 26 06:24:04 UTC 2022

Oh it sounds like you want something like an app rather than a web front 
end for a server. Sorry I misunderstood your question. Pleroma as I 
recall can use anything that Mastodon can use as a client. That said, 
desktop clients for these things tend to be harder to find. It appears 
to be easier to find phone apps. On a desktop, your best bet may be the 
website of the server you join. Most phone apps, at least on Android, 
appear to work with Talkback pretty well, though it's worth noting that 
although I run my own Friendica server, which does have Mastodon/Pleroma 
compatibility, I haven't tried a lot of the Android apps just yet, as I 
find that the website serves my needs well enough here, but of course 
your mileage may vary, especially if you're trying to join a Pleroma 
server, which can have any number of front-end web services. I still 
recommend trying the various clients you see, and look at the client 
list for Mastodon as well, since the API's that clients use are said to 
be the same for both.


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