How to connect bluetooth audio speaker and headphone in text mode?

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it's pretty easy. If you have the bluetooth modules of your audio system
installed as well as the general bluetooth utilities, you can use

Run the following sequence of command:

power on # turns on bluetooth

agent on


scan on

Now, scanning will start, showing you various devices around. Watch for
the name of your device and copy its MAC address when it appears.

Then run

pair <MAC_ADDR>


At this point, you might hear the sound switch to your speaker/headphones.

Though, it doesn't necessarily needs to be always the case, depends on
your configuration.

You might need to set the default output device in PulseAudio, that's an
operation of its own (I needed to do this on my RPI to get the
headphones to work).

The last step you need to do is:

trust <MAC_ADDR>

This will add the device to the trusted list, causing your system to
connect it automatically when it appears.

Note this pairing method is universal, so you could pair say a bluetooth
keyboard in the same way.

It's awesome, because it works much better than the graphical frontends
from accessibility point of view, and you can even specify your own
pairing code for keyboards or avoid them altogether as far as I
remember, which at least for me was a considerable convenience benefit,
rewriting those in time had always been difficult.

Now, one problem you might or might not face, again, depending on your
configuration, is hearing a very low-quality sound.

If your headphones have microphone, this is likely caused by the usage
of the mSBC protocol. It's a protocol that allows the simultaneous use
of headphones and the microphone, but, for now, only at the cost of very
significant quality drop.

There are various approaches towards its usage. For example, Ubuntu Mate
uses the high-quality LDAC protocol and only when you use the
microphone, turns to MSBC.

Other systems, like the RPI I mentioned before, just use MSBC right away.

Either way, you can always enforce LDAC if you don't mind the
microphone. It's one or the other.

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