screen in Ubintu shell question?

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Sun Oct 2 19:29:27 UTC 2022

Hi folks,
Hope I ask this clearly.
Both shellworld, and dreamhost, <my office host company>  use Ubuntu as 
the basis for the cli shells they provide with their services.
last week for a different project, a Debian user first told me, than 
provided me, with a file somewhat like a screenshop created using the 
screen program.
In their example if I ran a command like
screen links
screen would open, let relaunch the links browser, and then visit the site 
in question.
whereupon control + a followed by -h would create a file called hardcopy, 
with numbers associated for said file.
My issue tough is that in the Ubuntu shell to to which I have access, 
screen links
produces the following error.
screen cannot accept no such file or directory.  screen is 
Is there an extra command line option needed to manage screen via Ubuntu in 
the same way the program seems to run in Debian?

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