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Tim here.  It's a little tricky because, without additional
precautions, you open a shell which launches tdsr, which opens a
shell inside of it, which launches tdsr, which opens a shell get the idea.

So there needs to be a way for a shell to determine if it's already
inside a running session of tdsr.  This sort of thing is usually
done through setting an environment variable.  For example, I've
done similarly with "tmux", so I have a check in my startup file
(e.g. my ~/.bashrc) that tests

  [ -z "$TMUX" ] && tmux

So first you'd want to see if tdsr sets an environment variable.
The documentation might detail this, but if not, you can dump the
environment to a file before running tdsr, then run tdsr, then dump
the environment to another file and compare them, like

  $ env | sort > a
  $ tdsr
  (tdsr)$ env | sort > b
  (tdsr)$ comm -13 a b

Hopefully this will show a setting something like a "$TDSR" variable
that you can check.  Then your ~/.bashrc (or whatever your startup
file is) can end with something like

  [ -z "$TDSR" ] && tdsr

Because this can go unfortunately sideways, I recommend having one
window/console open, editing your ~/.bashrc and then open a *new*
window (or log in at another console) to test it.  If all goes
right, yay.  If things go sideways, you can quickly flip back to
the first window/console, remove that line from your ~/.bashrc, and
(re)save it.  This saves you a LOT of hassle if you accidentally
create a loop like described at the top of this email.


On 2022-10-04 08:21, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I have fedora 35, and while in the shell I use tdsr for screen-reader.
> To start it, one must use dot slash tdsr.
> Is there a way to have this program start whenever logging in at shell?
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