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It's been a while since I've used MPV(I generally use gst123 for
playing video files on my desktop, and even then, I prefer using my
portable media player even if it sometimes requires extracting audio
from poorly supported containers or downmixing surround sound tracks
to stereo), but if memory serves,


Will make mpv play audio from a video file when there's no GUI running.

and redirecting the console output to /dev/null will prevent any
console screen readers from reading it over the audio playback...
Granted, there's no way to read it deliberately, and it does included
the elapsed/total runtime.

One reason I switched to gst123 was that it didn't need an extra
option to play the audio from a video file in the absence of the GUI
and its console output wasn't constantly updating in a way that kept
my screen reader constantly chatty and with no way to move the reading
cursor somewhere to quiet the chattiness... The other being that,
while It still forced me to install a lot of video codecs I have no
use for, it wasn't as bad as mpv in that regard(still, my metaphorical
kingdom for a audio-only player that doesn't try to be a media
library(I'm happy with command-line file management, thank you very
much) but can still play audio from multimedia containers and doesn't
pull in a single video codec).

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> Does a way exist to play a file with mpv and completely suppress the
> and statistics?  I can only use the audio from what I download.
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