Is there a Fedora Espeakup Package?

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Sun Oct 9 20:23:30 UTC 2022

I got tdsr working with Fedora, both on a terminal and on a tty. I do 
have a full MATE desktop, so I only neded to install python3-pyte

sudo dnf -q -y install python3-pyte

and then clone and run tdsr

git clone


and it started speaking using speech-dispatcher's default voice. I guess 
it does require that you have something already speaking, since blind 
terminal input can go wrong when you can't verify the output, but if you 
start from the MATE-compiz or Workstation live media, you will have 
something speaking and can just mount the hard drive where you installed 
the OS and get tdsr speaking from there. And I did manage to get tdsr 
speaking on a text-only tty while my desktop was already running, and I 
in fact had tdsr running in the terminal on the desktop at the same 
time, although they were not both speaking, so it looks like pipewire 
has matured enough to be effective now, and it seems to have fixed the 
problem where graphical and text consoles couldn't play sound at the 
same time. I also just tried playing an audio file in the text console 
while composing this message on the graphical console where my desktop 
is running, and the only problem I noticed is that once the file stopped 
playing and tdsr gave me the command prompt, I didn't hear the last word 
I typed echoed until tdsr was finished, but this is a feature of 
speech-dispatcher, not an audio bug. Hope this helps.


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