Is there a Fedora Espeakup Package?

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Mon Oct 10 15:04:17 UTC 2022

According to Didier
> Caveat: I do not own a Braille device - and would not know how to use it, anyway...

That's OK. Brltty actually doesn't need a braille device. Some time back 
it could double as a screen reader even though braille is still its 
primary focus. As I recall, there is a dummy braille driver that can be 
used in lieu of a braille display when using brltty for only speech output.

I haven't tried the screen reader portion of it either, but I do recall 
certain improvements over the years that made it useful in that 
capacity. I'm certain it won't replace Orca on the desktop, but for text 
use, it seems that now it may be useful. Since it can run as a system 
service, instead of as a subshell, it can certainly replace things like 
tdsr, since it doesn't require that a user be logged in to get it 
speaking. Brltty is also reported to work on FreeBSD and such, so I 
would be interested to know how well the screen reader portion works 
there as well.


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