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Mon Oct 10 16:04:17 UTC 2022

Unlike Speakup, tdsr does not require kernel modules in order to work. 
Also, tdsr can run in any text environment from a text-only tty console 
to a terminal running in a window manager or full desktop. It is also 
highly portable, and should run on nearly any OS, although I don't think 
it has been tested on something like FreeBSD. I see no reason why it 
shouldn't work there, as long as speech-dispatcher is installed. There 
is of course a disadvantage in that it does not speak before a shell is 
running and must be started either as your shell is starting or via a 
run window that allows a program to be started in a terminal. This also 
means that for every terminal or text console tty you have open, you run 
one instance of tdsr, which could cause slowdowns on hardware with tight 
resource constraints.


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