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Mon Oct 10 16:30:57 UTC 2022

Tdsr is in fact much like YASR in functionality from what I can tell, 
with the exception that it appears there is no way to change what voice 
it uses without editing your speech-dispatcher configuration. I didn't 
find any mention of an exception dictionary either, which was included 
in YASR as I recall, though it has been a very long time since I used 
that. That said, I see no advantage to using it if you already have 
Speakup running. I also don't see any advantage to running Speakup and 
Fenrir at the same time, and the primary advantage of Fenrir over 
Speakup, aside from spell check and other useful features, is simply 
that a kernel update won't even temporarily break your screen reader as 
I have seen happen, though such breakage does occur rather infrequently. 
That said, running entirely independent of the kernel does offer better 
portability, and also means that the screen reader can be updated 
independently of the kernel, which IMO is always a good thing(tm).


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