Is there a Fedora Espeakup Package?

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Mon Oct 10 18:44:07 UTC 2022

I had heard of brltty, butt never have known what may be done with it.

Well, usually brltty is thought of as the interface between your 
computer and a refreshable braille display, and also allows screen 
readers to provide braille output via its brlapi functionality. But 
brltty can act as a stand-alone screen reader in text mode as well. I 
don't believe brlapi provides speech output, since the applications that 
would use that feature are probably already using speech-dispatcher 
directly, but brltty itself when running as a system service does in 
fact output to speech-dispatcher, and I believe it has keyboard 
shortcuts that do not require braille display input for its screen 
review functionality, among other screen reader functions. That said, I 
probably should try this myself before I just let my fingers keep 
running wild.


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