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Mon Oct 10 19:35:34 UTC 2022

Reading further, I see that Vojtech Polasek is in fact a software 
engineer at Red Hat. Fegora is an unofficial spin not affiliated with 
Red Hat, but it does include another rpm repository that has some 
Festival voices and other useful applications. It would be great to get 
RHVoice and possibly Mimic3 into this repository as well. Kickstart 
files for building Fegora isos can be downloaded by

git clone

It seems there are a few things that have been added that are installed 
by default that I personally wouldn't want on my own system, but that's 
the beauty of being able to work from a kickstart file. Just having the 
RPMFusion repositories enabled out of the box and having the shortcuts 
working right away, including one to restart Orca in case of difficulty, 
as well as having all the environment variables configured correctly is 
enough motivation for me to build isos, although I think my builds would 
likely remove the Facebook and Microsoft plugins from Pidgin ... those 
can always be installed later if someone really does want them.


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