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Tue Oct 11 16:47:34 UTC 2022

Seems to me the question is about Linux as a server and not desktop. So 
whereas you might have had problems with Orca or the Linux desktop and 
thought they are not production ready, that is not what the guy is 
asking for. He wants the usability of Vultr to administer his server.

To answer your question, Vultr is a VPs. As such, you are expected to 
know how to do some basic Linux sysadmin work on your own such as 
installing not only the main operating system, but even maintaining the 
system through software package management. I advise that even if you 
have undying love for Windows, you invest some time in learning about 
the distro you want to run. Be it Debian or Red Hat or any of their 
derivatives, take some time to educate yourself about the web servers 
such as Apache and Nginx, security around server administration, SSH and 
logins securely with PuTTY on Windows.

Anyway, others will chime in.

The Euclidian

On 11/10/2022 16:19, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Other users might not agree with me, but I'm talking about the 
> experiences I had. I'm a developer too, and Linux is a daily routine 
> for me. Or I would say I can't live without a Linux server 😊
> I had tried different  Distros, but none of them worked for me. 
> Especially I Miss the NVDA and its feel on Linux. Yes, there is Orca 
> exist, but that's not production ready I feel. But that's my 
> observation others have their experiences too 😊
> Now, what I'm using personally is I have windows 10 Pro and VMWare 
> player 16 (Non-Commercial Version).
> I've made a VM using Debian 11.3 and configured it according to my 
> needs and choices. Then, I enabled SSH access in the VM and now can 
> easily use it over SSH on my Windows Command Prompt and SFTP with File 
> Zilla.
> And this works like a charm.
> Cheers,

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